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If you are traveling to Montenegro as individual, as family or in a group we offer you the best vacation in Europe and in the world. All year round we offer fantastic activities and unforgettable vacation in Montenegro, small european country with rich tradition and history, unique for it's nature and culture. So much diversity in a small area. Geographical position and favorable climate are a paradise for tourists. Enjoy in the traditional continental cuisine with specialties made of meat, and the same day in the evening by the Adriatic sea try the specialities from one of the most popular cuisines in the world - mediterranean cuisine.

Summer or winter in Montenegro

We offer you active vacation, choose some of the ecological activities such as rafting, canyoning, hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, hunting, speleology, rock climbing, camping, paragliding, cruise, adventure parks, snowshoe hiking, skiing (alpine, nordic, langlauf, free ride), alpinism.. For the lovers of wild rides we recommend off road with jeeps, ATV (BRP), helicopter tours, snowmobiling (ski-doo), ratrak etc..

Reliable host and collaborator

Because of the experience that we gained through the years, we can offer innovative and unusual activities to our clients. We are also experts for team building, but one of our main interests is destination management and creation of the offer for clients with special interests, such as: botany, speleology, architecture, activities in the nature. If other Tourist agencies want to offer something new and unique Tourist agency Explorer is opened for cooperation.

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In the Montenegrin tourism these terms do not mean the same thing. Rafting in English means "wild waters rafting", no matter what floats. But in Montenegro there is one phrase - splavarenje (splav - a platform of wooden beams), refers to the transport timber on the rivers Tara, Drina and Lim from earlier times. Later they started rafters began transported tourists on these wooden platforms for the excitement. Tourists are passively sitting and watching without the participation of the steer. Often the wooden platform stranded on the rocks and the enjoyment of becoming trouble. Therefore, this way today is used less frequently. Many popular rafting, much safer and with more adrenaline, is passing through the rapids on rubber boats in the prescribed equipment, all in the boat rowers. Rubber boat is managed by specially trained skipper. Three rivers are attractive for rafting in Montenegro: Zeta, Moraca and, in particular, Tara.





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