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Ivanova Korita

Adventure Park Lovcen is series of fantastic air routes, with different challenges, suitable for all ages and fettle ...

Visitors of all ages, from 5 to 70, can enjoy in our park. Every challenge lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. Six trails, starting from Yellow trail which is designed from age 5 and up (hight - 1.5m) to Black trail (hight 15m) are waiting for you to test your courage and durability!


• Koala Trail (Yellow)
14 barrier, height to 1.5. This is our easiest trail for children 5 years old and includes a first descent on the ropes for the children.
• Spiderman Trail (Green)
15 obstacles up to 3.5 m in height. Where the right path starts climbing, long and fun descent on the rope, and much more!
• Cheetah Trail (Blue)
16 games to 6 m above the ground. Jump higher and higher! Includes downhill snowboarding. Minimum 15 years.
• Panther Trail (Red)
17 barriers for 18 years and older. Up to 11 m high, this is the greatest adventure. Prepare yourself for the challenge!
• Tarzan Trail (Black)
19 obstacles up to 15 m high, for 18 years and older. This is a unique challenge! Are you brave enough to make a Tarzan leap, or downhill with a skateboard from the top of the forest, and 105 meters downhill on cable.


Dare to take a paintball and break into an abandoned, two-floor house that you and your team must defend, and preserve the flag as long as possible. Outside, hidden in the forest, team of powerful warriors is ready to fight to win. All gear is involved, safety helmets, face-shields, war suits, gloves and air rifle with a hundred colored bullets.


From 1st June to 15th September park is opened every day from 10 am to 18 pm. From 15th April to 1st June, and from 15th September to 30th October on weekends from 12 am to 18 pm. During the week it is open for reservations that are made in advance.
Adventure Park is located at Ivanova Korita, in National Park Lovcen, near the resort.It occupy space aobut 2 acres, on which we built 7 trails for sports and extreme adrenaline activities.
Every trail has around 15 different playground which are located on different hights, and trails are adapted to all ages. (from 5 to 70)
All visitors will have needed equipment (waistband, helmet, gloves) for usage of trials, which are specified by the level of difficulty.
In the park there is a group of professionals which will explain to the guest the usage of all trails. Every trail will be marked by colors: yellow, green, blue, red, black and competitors trail - duel.

• Yellow trail - height 1.5m - for youngest visitros.
• Green trail - height 3.5m - from 10 to 70 years.
• Blue trail - height 5m - from 15 years
• Red trail - height 12m - from 18 years
• Black Trail - height 15m - from 18 years
• Competitors trail - height 3.5m - from 10 to 70 years

Wooden platforms are constructed on already existing trees, they are located on different height, 15 platforms in a row. Crossing from platform to platform, with the help of ropes you will have to cross barriers to complete the challenge. Security and insurance is at maximum by european standards.




TRAIL FOR TRAINING 1 metar 1 15 min
YELLOW 1 metar 1 25 min
GREEN 3 metra 2 25 min
BLUE 5 metara 3 30 min
RED 9 metara 4 30 min
BLACK 15 metara 5 40 min
DUEL 3 metra 3 10 min

Park has 7 different tails from 1 to 15 metres of height that are adapted for ages from 5 to 70.

Exploring nature

For multiple participants at the same time there will be new activity in Adventure park, that is called "Exploring nature".
Participants will have the opportunity to do sport activities and participate in the games on trails at the same time. Also they will have the chance to answer some questions about methods of playing and about historical beauty of our country.
Participants will be divided in two teams, one group will use the trails in Adventure park for two and a half hours, and the other group will participate in the games of exploring nature. After two and a half hours two teams will change the activities.
After gathering all the results, the most successful participants will get certificate for successful use of the park.


The games of exploring will consist of 5 games, after finishing the game you will get some questions. After passing all the games and after answering the questions the best team will be rewarded with certificate.

Type of games:

1) Discus Throw
2) Twisted rope of Spiderman
3) Serving game
4) Knot game
5) Seven differences

Games in the air

Group activities and activities that will make you think.
Adventure park offers beside acrobatic trails, different games that will provide unity for your team, where you will develop logical way of thinking, and at the same time have fun.
1. Duel - spirit of the team gives strength
Two teams face each other on parallel trails.
2. Planking - balance and you will need the support of your team
With help of two parallel ropes that are set high and three mobile planks, two or three participants have to cross the obstacle.
3 . Balance - firm team will create optimal balance
Whole team has to balance on platform that is rocking as long as possible.
4. Trail of surprises - stay together for faster progress
Participants are hooked on the rope that slips, and they have to follow it through the forest. The rope is threaded through branches, tunnels and logs. Team members have to be hooked to each other, and they can be lead by one person.
5. Guide dog - trust and balance
Two by two, participants must cross medium difficulty trails, one player is blindfolded, and the other has to lead him.
6. Tarzan jump - unbelievable excitement guaranteed
You will be jumping from height platform, and the point of the game is to grab the Tarzans net.

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