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Near Moraca

Canyon is in central Montenegro. Starting point for this excursion is village Medjurijecje, situated between Podgorica and Kolasin.

We organize transfer from Medjurijecje to the entrance of the Canyon, about 6km from Medjurijecje-village Cerovica.

Grade: v2, a2, III

Number of rappels: ~3

Highest rappel: 5m

Time of approach: 30min

Time of going through: 4h

Return time: 30min


• Age: +12 years old
• Under 18 years written consent is necessary.
• Good swimmer
• Stability and tolerance to hight
• Good health and normal fettle
Equipment and clothing:
• Sports footwear or hiking footwear
• Swimming suit and warm clothing for changing
• Wetsuit and security equipment will be provided
During reservation it is necessary to provide following data: full surname and name, number of passport, height, weight and shoe size.

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