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On the south

Approach: The canyon in the southeastern part of Montenegro on the southern slopes of mountain Rumija below the village Medjurijec¬ć.

Description: The entrance is easily visible and immediately starts with the vertical by 31m which is the largest vertical in this canyon. There are about 10 verticals in a scale of 5 to 31m. Canyon is relatively short, but it will surprise you with its beauty .It’s advantage over the others is that it never dries up.

  • Grade: v3, a3, III
  • Number of rappels: ~ 10
  • Highest rappel: 31m
  • Time of going through: 4:30-5h
  • Time of year: Canyon is passable throughout the year except after hard rainfalls.
  • Best time of year: April to October
  • In the canyon you will have a chance to swim, rappel, and jump from rocks…
  • Conditions

  • • Age: +12 years old

    • Under 18 years written consent is necessary.
    • Good swimmer
    • Stability and tolerance to hight
    • Good health and normal fettle
    Equipment and clothing:
    • Sports footwear or hiking footwear
    • Swimming suit and warm clothing for changing
    • Wetsuit and security equipment will be provided
    During reservation it is necessary to provide following data: full surname and name, number of passport, height, weight and shoe size.











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