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Most significant tourist locality in Bar Riviera is Old Town Bar, the only town of all maritime old towns that is not located at the very shore.

Guided tour.
This fortificated hill was first populated by Illyrians. This settlement was abandoned in the time of Romans, because they moved closer to the sea. Old town Bar was center of the country Doclea, and from 1089. here is located archbishopric.
Old Town Bar is fortification, and it is 3 km away from the sea. In the foothill of mountain Rumija is located this picturesque urban core with fascinating aqueduct, that for centuries supplied Old Town Bar with drinking water. Inside the fortification there are churches from XIV and XV century - St. Katherine and St. Veneranda, and remainings of church St. Nicola, which was built in 1288. by jelena, wife of Serbian king Uros I.
As the main street goes up the hill it narrows down, and it is located right next to the walls from XVI century. Those walls were built by Venetians. Before Venetian rule the entrance gate was part of a big tower, which later on they transformed into a church. Relief of Venetian lion is well preserved on that location. At the entrance in the town is located Omerbasic mosque from 1662., and the tomb of dervish Hasan, also there is located former fountain with the Arabic inscription.
The oldest wall of citadel Tatarovic date from X century. From the walls of citadel you can clearly see Ottoman aqueduct, next to which are remainings of church of St. Francisco with visible fragments of frescos from XIV century. Near by is internal town gate that leads in to the very core of the city. The main square is composed of the small church and two-storey palace of former Bar's archdiocese. From the main square slightly to the side, a little square is located on which church of St. George was placed, he is the protector of Bar. Insipired visitors also can se old hammam (Turkish bath) from XVIII century, Clock tower and Princes's palace.
Nearby by the town the oldest olive tree in the world is located, as old as Christianity, over 2009 years. Tree is fenced, because a lot of the visitors want to break off a twig as a souvenir. Main symbol of Bar is olive. As Montenegrin prosciutto with it's name and brand is connected to Njegusi, olive and olive oil is connected to Bar. In Bar varieties of olives are the oldest, most autochthonous and most precisely. You can find olive oil from Bar through whole year on local markets. It is more expensive, compared to the other brands, but it is much better. It is unrefined, virgin and ecological olive oil.

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