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Festival city

On a series of terraces, this town-garden is positioned perfectly, with a view of the open sea & two peninsulas, Luštica and Prevlaka.

Guided tour.
From the sea, the view of Herceg Novi is breathtaking. A tradition of importing seeds, exotic plants, trees and fruits from around the world has transformed Herceg Novi into a veritable botanic garden, carefully tended and expanded over centuries.
The sea traffic in front of the town is always very busy, regattas with local and foreign yachts, anglers catching fish for the morning market, tourist boats sailing towards popular holiday resorts—Žanjice, Mamula Island, Plava špilja (Blue Cave) and many others.
The promenade is a favorite amongst tourists for the wonderful aroma coming from the sea as well as for its numerous plants, trees and flowers. Some on the plants on the promenade are so rare that many biologists visit Herceg Novi for the chance to see several types of palm trees, cactuses, banana trees, magnolias, mimosas, authentic citrus trees, camellias, oleanders, hedges and eucalyptus that grow few other places, if anywhere else in the world.
Herceg Novi has two town squares, including the small, stone-paved Belavista (nice view), which is easy to get to from the main town square, Trg Nikole Đurkovića, once referred to as Salt Square, by walking up the stairs that lead through the town’s clock tower. Here, old stone buildings encircle the delightful church St. Arhangel Mihailo, a building unique in its architecture. This Orthodox Church is neo-Byzantine styled with Gothic and Romanesque details. But it is not only the church that is surrounded by old buildings. Other institutions, including the archive, library, radio station, art gallery, pharmacy, cafes and private condominiums are surrounded by historical buildings.
From the square, stairways spread out leading in all directions. To the east, the stairs leads to St. Jerome’s Tower, church and treasury, and only a few steps lower is the church of St. Leopold, who born and raised in the town. Nearby, under the shade of an ancient Gingko Biloba tree, is an old stone palace that is today the Elementary Music School.
Herceg Novi is the largest town in the Gulf. The town is crisscrossed with numerous steps and stairways and is carefully planned with lush greenery to provide shade—making it a haven for both locals and tourists. The town hosts a large summer tradition—the oldest summer music festival in Montenegro, Muzičke skale, or Musical Stairs. Each July, on an open stage inside the Kanli Kula fortress, singers from the former Yugoslav Republics compete for prestigious music awards.

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