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Cultural center

Old Mediterranean port, surrounded with town walls, it is very well preserved & it is under the protection of UNESCO.

Guided tour.
By mythology, Kotor was founded by phoenician tribe Colchidians, they were traveling with Argonauts: Jason, Hercules, Theseus, Castor, Pollux and Orpheus in search of Golden Fleece, that was a symbol of maritime wealth. That means that Kotor was funded from 10th to 12th century BC, while Phoenicians (teachers of Greeks), dominated on the Mediterranean sea. Kotor is old as is the maritime trade on Adriatic sea. It is indeed - ancient.
Between 1420. - 1797. Kotor was under Venetians, that period left the biggest mark on towns architecture. Kotorski bay (part of Boka bay) is one of the deepest and longest bays on Adriatic sea, so it is often called most southern fjord in Europe.
Old town is surrounded with magnificent fortification, which are continued on the hill St. Ivan (St. John). Length of the fortification is 4,5 km, which is curiosity of world scale. Width of the wall variates, it comes up to 15 m, and height up to 20m.
Regardless if you come to Kotor by sea or land, the impression is always the same.
You can enter the Old Town through three gates, main gate is on the west, and it is called "Door from the sea" (from 1555.). Pinched in foothill of mountain Lovcen, surrounded on north with short river Skurda, and from south with underground wellspring Gurdic, Kotor is by all means baroque town. After the big earthquake in 1677, all palaces were restored in baroque style. It is obvious that here, except construction,maritime and shipbuilding, trade and art also flourished.


Town of Kotor, by the story, was built by emperor Stefan. Once upon a time the emperor sailed near Boka bay, and decided to enter. He was mesmerized with the beauty of sea and mountains. He choose the most beautiful hill in the bay, and decided to build a city there. He started digging on high reef which was called Pestigrad, where according to tradition lived fairies. One of them, called Alkiri, approached him and said: "Don't build your town where there is no water nor salt, or docks for the ship". She showed him the place between the sea and the mountain, which was worthy of emperors city. Emperor gladly obeyed the fairy and started bulding the city there.
When construction was finished, emperor has gathered nobility, to be praised. But he didn't mention the fairy or her help. Alkiri got mad and poisoned water on all wellspring in the city. When they drunk the water, all the guests lost one's reason. When emperor saw what happened he begged for forgiveness. Alkiri barely accepted and returned them to their sense, for all the wellsprings, except one, from which up to these days springs salty water. This wellspring is located by southern entrance of the Old town.
On the place, where emperor originally started to build a city, is located passing through the rock, which today is called "Fairy doors". In specific time of the night, through Fairy doors you can see golden crescent, which looks like a ship on a night sky. Only chosen citizens of Kotor, minions of fairy, at the night time can see them sitting on the rocks and waiting their ship to take them to a far away land from Boka bay.

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