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Jeep safari Lovcen

This trip is particular combination of asphalt and off road, seaside and mountain scenery and different climates ...

... starting from Boka Bay, town of Kotor surrounded by medieval city walls, to the peaks of the mountain of Lovcen, which is one of four national parks in Montenegro. Driving by the old serpentine road (25 serpentine curves) from where is the most beautiful view on Boka bay up the slopes of mountain Lovcen, From Krstac trip will continue by off road, at Dolovi we will take a photo of one authentic Montenegrin mountain place build in the past and didn't change at all up to the contemporary time. The road continues to Ivanova Korita, and change from off road to asphalt road. The path to Ivanova Korita is located at the foot of Mount Lovcen, about 14 kilometers from Cetinje and 34 kilometers from Kotor on 1270 m above the sea level. Its name is connected to the founder of Cetinje (Royal capital of Montenegro) Ivan Crnojevic, and a clear. This is well visited picnic area especially during the summer time. From this beautiful green valley we will go on with our journey up to the mountain Lovcen, arriving to the village Njegusi, which is one of the most famous villages first of all because the most significant family Petrovic origanetes from here, aside from that nowadays this village is popular for its authentic local cuisine. After visiting Njegusi and than we take the old serpentine road to Kotor.


• Age: +18 years old
• Driving licence
• Average driving experience, physical and mental health, without cardiovascular issues.
• Instructor decides the level of competence., especially competence of young drivers and drivers with little experience. After evaluation he will make a decision if someone is ready to participate in off road.
• Jeep safari is organized whole year round.
Equipment and clothing:
• Durable clothes in accordance to the weather condition
• Durable shoes
• Dry clothes for changing after the tour
• During the summer you will need sun lotion with SPF
• When it is windy protective glasses are recommended
• In winter: warm underwear, gloves and beanie

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