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On a bike 8 days

From Podgorica to the coast of Montenegro, throughCetinje, and arround the Skadar Lake.Visual enjoyment and recreation.

2 - 9 April
13 - 20 April
24 April - 1 May
5 - 12 May
15 - 22 May
26 May - 2 June
5 - 12 June
17 - 24 September
27 September - 4 October
8 - 15 October
19 - 26 October

Day 1
Arrival at ATP Podgorica. Transfer to the hotel in Podgorica****. Chek in. Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in a hotel****
After breakfast transfer is organized to Cetinje. Cetinje is old capital of Montenegro, at the end of XVth century Ivan Crnojevic settled in Cetinje, where he build his palace, and the monastery in the next two years. Thus is founded the new capital of the state. Bicycle tour starts from Cetinje to Njeguši (length of the route 27 km). During this tour you can enjoy in the view on nature od national park Lovćen and the mausoleum of Njegoš. Njeguši are the cradle of the tribe which carries the same name. It had significant role in history of Montenegro, because most important rulers (Petrović dynasty) originated from that village. Today it is known for its prosciutto and cheese products.
Lunch is organized in Njeguši.
From Njeguši transfer is organized to Tivat, traveling down the serpentine road from which you can enjoy in a beautiful view on Boka Kotorska bay.
Dinner and overnight in a hotal in Tivat***

Day 3
Breakfast in a hotel***
After breakfast biking tour starts from Tivat. Tivat is mediterranean city that is situated in Boka Kotorska bay. Through bay we head to Prcanj (length of tour 27 km). From this part of the bay you can enjoy in the view on diverse cultural heritage, meeting with typical mediterranean style of buildings and authentic streets. From Prcanj we come back to Tivat beside the seaside. Lunch in Tivat. Dinner and overnight in a hotel***

Day 4
Breakfast in a hotel***
After breakfast biking tour starts from Tivat to Luštica (length of tour is 25 km). Luštica is peninsula in Adriatic sea on the entrance in Boka Kotorska bay. As a centre of healthy and active life on the montenegrian sea side, it is developing in a popular destination that was known as a small fishing village. As one od intact parts of the coast it presents a sort of osasis of peace. The lunch is organized in Tivat after the return. Dinner and overnight in Tivat***.

Day 5
Breakfast in a hotel***
After breakfast biking tour starts from Tivat to Budva (length of tour 25 km). Budva is so called metropolis of montenegrian tourism. It is known for it's sandy beaches and old town. This fortification is situated at the sea side and it dates from XVth century. Budva is arround 2500 years old, and it is one of the oldest cities on Adriatic sea. Lunch is organized in Budva.
After lunch transfer is organized to Cetinje. Dinner and overnight in Cetinje***.

Day 6
Breakfast in a hotel***
After breakfast transfer is organized to starting point, about 5 km from Cetinje. From that point biking tour starts (length of tour is 30 km), going towards village Rijeka Crnojevica. This one of most famous and oldest places in Rijecka district. It is lively and it will win you over with it's unique ambient and serenity.
From Rijeka Crnojevica biking tour continues to Virpazar, small village which is situated on Skadar lake. There you can taste famous Crmnicko vine, specialities of belak (fish from the lake) and cheese. Skadarsko lake, area of 391 km2, is the largest lake on Balkan. It is situated in zetsko-skadarska pit, it is separated from Adriatic sea with mountains, but maintaining contact trough river Bojana.
Lunch in Virpazar. Dinner and overnight in a hotel***

Day 7
Breakfast in a hotel***. After breakfast biking tour starts from Virpazar to Bar (length of tour is 34 km). We ride alongside Skadarsko lake, which is known as habitat for many endemic bird species. This is the most interesting rout in the area of Skadarsko lake, it leads through forest and mountain regions alongside the main road. During tour we come across tunnel through whom passed famous train Ciro. After exiting the tunnel, tour continuous descending down the mountain to Bar. Bar is sitated on Adriatic sea, and it is known as biggest montenegrian harbor, in which is located oldest olive tree in Europe (between 2000 and 2700 years old). There is also situated Old town Bar, which is old forification under the mountain Rumija, on the surface of 4 hectares, onlu 4 km from the sea side. Fortification is so-called museum on open, and it is biggest and most important ancent and medival arheological site on Balkan.
Lunch is organized in Bar.
Diner and overnight in a hotel****

Day 8
Breakfast in a hotel***. After breakfast transfer is organized to the ATP Podgorica


• Age: +15 years old
• Good physical and mental health
Equipment and clothing:
• Waterproof clothing
• Firmly shoes
• Depending on weather additional protective equipment from the rain
• Backpack
• Soap
• Sleeping bag and mattress
• Swiss knife
• Hat or beanie
• Bag and headlight
• Cup, plate and cutlery
• Notebook and pen for writing
Necessary special equipment is provided.

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