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7 days

Visit some of the most popular sights of Montenegro, enjoy in beautiful nature and historical heritage that we have to offer.

Day I
Arrival at airport Podgorica; transfer from airport to hotel “Aurel” 4*, check in.
Afternoon sightseeing tour of wine cellar ”Plantaze” with wine tasting.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel “Aurel”.
Day II
Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing tour of Podgorica. Podgorica is at the crossroads of several historically important routes, near the rivers Zeta, Morača, Cijevna,Ribnica and Sitnica, in the valley of Lake Skadar and near the Adriatic Sea, in fertile lowlands with favorable climate. The Clock Tower (Turkish: Sahat Kulesi) of Podgorica, Montenegro is located at Becir Beg Osmanagic square, in thes neighborhood. It's one of the very few Ottoman landmarks that survived the bombing of Podgorica in World War II.
Sahat Kula was built in 1667, by Adzi –pasa Osmanagic, a prominent citizen of Podgorica. According to the legend, the clock was brought from Italy. For a long time, it was the only public clock in the city.
Today, Sahat kula is an important cultural monument of Montenegro, protected by law. The clock was renovated in January 2012, when the old mechanism was replaced by a new.
Than visit to the Skender Causeva- Starodoganjska Mosque. This mosque was built by Skender Causin in the late 15th century . Besides the mosque in the fort, named Mehmed Han, above the confluence of Ribnica and Morača, it was the only mosque in Podgorica until 1582. In the courtyard of the mosque there are the premises of the Islamic community in Podgorica and the Islamic community in Montenegro.
Then we drive towards Virpazar. Virpazar is a small fisherman place on the bank of Skadarsko Lake, in the National Park Skadarsko Lake; here we will make a short photo stop. Lunch will be organized in a local restaurant. After sightseeing of Virpazar and lunch we take the old road via Sutorman, 1180m of an altitude and we drive to the Old Town of Bar. The town was the seat of the oldest religious institution of Montenegro, the Bar archbishopric. During the trip we will pass through few olive yards in Bar. The Old Olive of Mirovica is claimed to be over 2000 years old, making it one of the oldest olive trees in Europe. Then visit to the mosque Selimi which is the largest of its kind in Montenegro and among the largest in the Balkans
After sightseeing of Bar we drive back to Podgorica.
Dinner and overnight in hotel Aurel 4*.
Breakfast at the hotel Aurel 4*.
We drive from Podgorica towards Cetinje, the Royal Capital of Montenegro. In Cetinje, where we will visit some of the numerous cultural historical landmarks. From Cetinje we proceed to national park Lovcen, which is proclaimed to be National Park in 1952. It is located on the border of 2 completely different natural locations SEA and MOUNTAIN. Than we arrive to the famous outing place Ivanova Korita. From Ivanova Korita we proceed to Njegosev Mouzolej, which is placed at the peak of Lovcen. At the foothills of Mouzolej in a beautiful restaurant we will organize a snack. Than we take the road which takes us all the way to the village Njegusi. Which is one of the most famous villages first of all because the most significant family Petrovic originates from here, aside from that nowadays this village is popular for its authentic local cuisine. Lunch will be organized in the local restaurant.
After lunch we take the old serpentine road towards Kotor, along the way we will make 2 photo stops on the 2 most beautiful viewpoints.
Guided sightseeing tour trough Old town Kotor. Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro, located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor. The old Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetion period. It is located on the Bay of Kotor, one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea. Some have called the most southern fjord in Europe, but it is a Bay, a submerged river canyon. Together with the nearly overhanging limestone cliffs of Orijen and Lovcen. Kotor and its surrounding area from an impressive and picturesque Mediterranean landscape. Visitors are attracted both by the natural beauty of the Bay of Kotor and by the Old Town of Kotor. Bay of Boka Kotorska and old City of Kotor are part of Unesco World Heritage Sites.
Transfer back to Podgorica.
Dinner and overnight at Hotel “Aurel” 4*.
Day IV
Breakfast at the hotel.
From Podgorica we start an off road jeep tour across Korita (there will be around 18 km off road). During the exciting drive across the mountain all the time you will enjoy the scenic view of the Mountain and the surrounding picturesque areas. We will pass by some small villages, katuns, where you can meet local people and learn about traditional way of life in Montenegro. Further the road takes us by Rikavacko Lake and up to Karaman 1765m. Our off road trip across Crna Planina ends in place Verusa, famous outing spot, where we will make another short stop and than taking the narrow local road we drive to Kolasin via Matesevo. The perfect geographical position makes this town unique and special for all those who are fond of natural beauties and active holiday. In Kolasin lunch will be organized in a local restaurant. After lunch visit to the botanical garden and sightseeing tour through Kolasin, fortress-settlement, was raised by the Turks in the middle of the 17th century in the namesake village in Nikšić district (nahiye). The village of Kolašin was first mentioned in the Sultan's Decree in 1565, by which the deceased Grand Duke Miloš was replaced by his son Todor. The Turkish town was named after the former village of Kolašin.
Dinner and overnight at Bianca Resort&SPA 4*
Day V
Breakfast at the hotel.
From Kolašin we drive in jeeps, the road takes us through the ski center Kolasin (15 minutes), all the way across one of the most beautiful mountains in Montenegro-Bjelasica. After driving up to the mountain along an off-road and passing through some traditional villages we arrive to the Mountain Hut Vranjak, 1740 m above sea level,
After making a short stop by the Hut we drive further towards one of the most beautiful viewpoints , situated at the foothills of 3 highest peaks of Bjelasica: Troglava, Zekova Glava i Crna Glava, above 2000 m of an altitude. After another short photo stop at the viewpoint we drive further along the scenic Mountain entering the National Park-Biogradska Gora , here you will have an opportunity to enjoy jeep safari tour over the roof of the National Park.
Then we proceed all the way to the most beautiful viewpoint Bendovac at about 1774 m above sea level. From this place you will enjoy a view over the whole National Park and the view of the whole Biogradsko Lake, a short hiking will be performed to the viewpoint and back to the jeeps. From Bendovac, after a short photo stop we drive further to the small scenic katun Dolovi. In Dolovi lunch is organized in a local household .After lunch we drive in jeeps along the curved serpentine road through the Biogradska Virgin Forest all the way to the Biogradsko Lake. Biogradsko Lake is situated at the heart of the National Park and is surrounded by thick forest, which makes it unique and most beautiful lake in Montenegro. Upon arrival to the lake, circle walk around the lake is performed.
After lunch transfer is organized back to Kolasin.
Dinner and overnight at Bianca Resort&SPA 4*

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