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Collective vacation ...

... for your employees. Your collective with us is stronger. Explorer is specialized for team building events!

In the spirit of company, provide the best incentive for your team, as motive for progress. Tourist agency Explorer is specialized at organization of team building.
In a pleasant atmosphere and relaxing environment, teams are motivated to act together through interesting activities and strengthen interpersonal relations.
With our team of experienced animators, instructors and guides we will create activities, and in cooperation with you make your team stronger.

Our partners and numerous clients from companies all over the world are the best witnesses of our professionalism und uniqueness in this matter.  We are well aware of high importance that good inter relations within a company have and how those relations can lead the company to a certain level, and due to that we always tend and manage to improve them and to help our clients to discover their compatibility and work enthusiasm in a fun and exciting way.

Let us consider what is best for your people

Each client is a new project for us and if not requested otherwise we generate and arrange new ~legend~ and innovative ~game~ for each. Always our events lead to developing at a same time friendly and competitive spirit within coworkers in combination with note of mystic, unique and adventurous feeling.

Friendship, fun, excitement - increased working capacity

All those things are achieved thanks to our ability to combine activities from our wide offer, that are organized throughout the whole Montenegro all year around and we fulfill it with services which we provide (catering, transfers, guiding, accommodation, etc…).

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